‘Haters hate and lovers love!’: Ian Brown responds to criticism of his performance on solo tour

Ian Brown has responded to criticism of his performance after opening his UK and Ireland tour without a band.

Fans of The Stone Roses frontman reportedly walked out of his show in Leeds on Sunday (25 September) after the singer performed to backing tracks.

Many fans at the O2 Academy in Leeds were disappointed with the performance, calling it “bad” and comparing it to “karaoke”.

“Gutted to see @ianbrown turn up to his £40 a ticket, sold out gig at Leeds tonight WITH NO BAND,” wrote attendee Steve Lathum on Twitter, alongside a video from the gig.

“I’m a life-long fan but it was bad. Ian Brown does karaoke and butchers his own tunes. Most were too pissed to care but I had to get out after this one. Longsight M13 was a highlight,” he continued.

“£40 to see a karaoke act,” another complained, while one called it the “funniest gig” they’d ever been to.

The Independent reached out to Ian Brown’s representatives for comment but they did not respond.

However, Brown’s show in Glasgow on Monday (26 September) was well received: “I take back everything I say. Unbelievable gig @ianbrown #IanBrown,” one fan wrote on Twitter accompanied by a video of the gig.

“HATERS HATE AND LOVERS LOVE!” Brown responded to the tweet, reflecting on the earlier criticism.

“Last night we played in Leeds, and all there was hands in the air, all the way to the back,” the frontman said during the gig.

“Was a bit iffy with the no band thing but after seeing this I’m full on buzzing for tonight,” wrote one fan captioning the reshared tweet.

Brown’s UK and Ireland tour ends on 7 October.