Grandma explains why she respects her kids’ parenting rules

This TikTok grandparent explained why it’s so important to ask parents about their rules and guidelines when babysitting their children!

Gwenith (@gwenith_rachelle) is a TikToker, mom of five, and grandma of one who owns a nail salon in Wyoming. Gwenith shares videos about everything from the amazing nail art she creates to advice for parents and grandparents! In a recent video, Gwenith shared a piece of advice that she believes is important for anyone who is caring for someone else’s kids: Always respect the rules parents put in place!

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Gwenith’s video begins with a stitch with another TikTok creator. In the first video, the TikToker holds a baby in her arms. She picks up a notebook and rolls her eyes at the camera. “Babysitting for my grandson for the first time,” a caption reads. “Instructions, really!!??”


Then, Gwenith’s video begins. Gwenith sits in front of the camera holding her own grandson on her lap. She begins to explain why she believes it’s important to follow parents’ instructions when babysitting.

“So I wanted to stitch this. I know the creator of it said it was a joke or whatever,” she says. “So I do this with my son and daughter-in-law whenever I watch my grandson. I ask them for their instructions on when he needs his bottles, what foods, anything. I ask permission.”

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Gwenith bounces her grandson on her lap as she continues. “I respect them as parents,” she explains. “I think there’s no quicker way to disrespect your grown adult children than to have that mentality of, ‘I’ve had kids so I know what I’m doing.’ I have a baby—five of them—and I still ask my son and daughter in law, one, for permission, two, for his routine, schedule, what they want done, what they don’t.”

“It’s just a respect thing,” Gwenith concludes. “I really don’t think it’s good to belittle your children.”

Viewers applauded Gwenith’s grandparenting advice.

“I know it’s bare minimum, but thank you for respecting your son & DIL’s parenting routine. I wish more people were like you,” wrote one TikToker.

“And that’s how to maintain a healthy relationship with your adult children and their babies!” commented another TikToker.

“It is so frustrating when grandparents don’t go with what you’re trying to teach your kids!” another parent wrote.

When it comes to watching other people’s kids, Gwenith believes that parents know best!

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