‘We’re going to change the world together’: Julian Lennon releases climate crisis song ‘Change’

Julian Lennon has released a new climate emergency-themed single in partnership with forest conservation marketing organisation Everland.

The single, titled “Change”, was commissioned by the company to raise awareness for the immediate need to act for the climate.

In the song, the Grammy-nominated son of John Lennon sings: “So gather up our courage for the road lies ahead / if we don’t do this together, we’ll surely end up dead”

He continues: “And we’ll put the past behind us, clean the air and clean the sea / feed the world with human kindness / love will set us free.”

The chorus then comes in: “We’re going to change the world together, you and I and everyone forever.”


The song aligns with the work of Lennon’s nonprofit, The White Feather Foundation, which aims to support conservation and Indigenous cultures.

This isn’t the first time Lennon has touched on environmental themes in his music; like his late father, his socio-political passions have been woven into his lyrics.

“Change” was first performed in Stockholm at Everland’s Concert for Climate as part of the United Nations Environment Programme’s World Environment Day 2022.

Everland is a conservation marketing organisation that represents forest conservation projects across the globe focused on ending deforestation, one of the major causes of the climate crisis.