Why Gen Zers are more confident and responsible borrowers than millennials

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    I think gen z saw what happened to older brother/sister and said "Forget about going to college, I'll just work."
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    I use my credit card as cash. If I don't have the money in the bank, then I'm not spending it. Pay off the card in full every month and get the rewards. Responsible card ownership is great.
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    It's stated in a misleading way. They aren't taking on less student debt, fewer of them are taking on ANY student debt. Student loans aren't more affordable for them than anyone else, which is how it sounds,
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    Mr. Norris
    Great idea lending more money to younger kids. What could possibly go wrong?
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    I feel like they are giving credit out like hot cakes these days. My girlfriend is 27 and just opened her first credit card a year ago and has a credit score of 700 already. She has never financed a vehicle or anything. I am 30 with a 800 credit score and have had credit cards since I was 18 and have financed multiple vehicles and personal loans. Just seems a little fishy to me but I don’t know much I’m just a guy.
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    I do t doubt that a bit. I’m a melinnial and was born at the very beginning of the generation. I got my first credit card by 16 and it wasn’t co-signed by my parents. By the time I was in my mid 20s the bank had raised the limit to 20,000$. I eventually lost my ability to pay it and the account was closed but now I would never want a credit card with a 20,000 limit. Also I try to do everything I can to not use credit at all.
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    Gen Z is not old enough to need to borrow for anything. Give it time. Millenials are now getting to the age of buying homes and such. Gen Z is not there yet.
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    I'm 34 and I believe the theory behind this article applies to me. I've seen 2 recessions in my formative years (the tech bust of the early 2000s and the great recession/housing bubble more recently). I consider myself extremely financially conservative due to these events and seeing the impact they had on my local community.
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    Being the Grand parent and Parent of the kids in the article I have to say they have been programed to card everything. Go to starbucks and charge your coffee after you left the dollar store where you charged $3.21. I get it that it comes out debt cards also but say to any 1 of them give me the $5 you owe me and they say cash like it's a question. The day will come where everything will be card and credits, President Yang will be giving you credits every month because the terminator does your job and thank the stars I will be gone.
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    Nothing like pitting different generations against each other on love day. Well done Yahoo