Gen. Stanley McChrystal endorses Biden a decade after being fired for criticizing him

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has received an unexpected endorsement from someone who wasn't always on his side.

Back in 2010, now-retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal was heading up multinational forces in Afghanistan under former President Barack Obama when he was fired for criticizing then-Vice President Biden. But he seems to have had a change of heart, endorsing Biden in a Thursday appearance on Morning Joe.

McChrystal on Thursday described Biden as "humble enough to listen to experts, who is humble enough to listen to people who serve and have served." "Not everybody will agree with every policy ― nobody ever will ― and that's healthy in a democracy," but "you have to believe that your commander-in-chief, at the end of the day, is someone you can trust. And I can trust Joe Biden."

McChrystal was fired and replaced with Gen. David Petraeus after mocking Biden in a Rolling Stone profile. He has since been critical of President Trump.

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