Foster sisters: 'We had to prove ourselves'

Betsy Wagner
Senior Producer

They are the (very beautiful) daughters of legendary music producer, David Foster. But today, Erin and Sara Foster have stepped out of his shadow and made a name all for themselves: They have a 3-year television production deal with Disney’s 20th Century Fox TV. They are the heads of creative for Bumble Bizz, the professional networking platform. And they are advisers to the hot interactive workout company, Mirror.

Even they are surprised at how far they’ve come from satirizing fame in Barely Famous, the VH1 show they co-created (and starred in) in 2015. “We're getting asked to speak at tech conferences,” says 38-year old Sara Foster. “We're like, ‘Wait, you want us? Are you sure?’”

If you are one of the half million people who follow each of them on Instagram, you know that the Foster sisters are funny, self-deprecating and surprisingly grounded. They say their work ethic comes straight from their famous father, who made sure his daughters knew they’d need to make their own way in the world. 

Family business: Sisters Erin and Sara Foster say working together is "challenging but the payoff is so great." (Photo by Taylor Jewell/Invision/AP)

“I've never felt entitled to money or have been frivolous because we come from money,” says 37-year old Erin Foster. “Our dad was always very clear. He would say, ‘I'm rich. You're not. So don't live like you're rich.’” 

Both Erin and Sara appreciate that their parents never promised them trust funds. It made them hungry, they say, and taught them to hustle. “I think that you cannot deny that we had resources that a lot of people don't have. And you can't deny that doors opened. But once we walked into those rooms, we had to prove ourselves.”

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