All new Ford F-Series Super Duty walkaround

Ford Super Duty Brand Manager Steven Lee gives us a closer look at the all-new Ford F-Series Super Duty and all the tech updates and redesigns it has received.

Video Transcript

STEVEN LEE: Right here we've got the Limited F-350, all-new 2023 Super Duty, which we're really excited to show you. You can see immediately, all-new front end, featuring a new wide stance grille, the C-clamp accent daytime running lamps that frame the headlamps. You see how the grille wraps around the LED headlamps right there, really creating a bold, striking stance.

We've got a new wheel lineup for the all-new 2023 Super Duty. This is an example of the wheels on the Limited series. We've got four engines in our lineup this year. The base gas engine is a 6.8-liter V8 gas engine that replaces the outgoing 6.2-liter gas engine. So a significant upgrade in the base gas engine for 2023 Super Duty raises the bar in terms of base capabilities with horsepower and torque.

This truck right here has the all-new high output version of the 6.7-liter power stroke diesel engine was targeted to deliver best-in-class diesel horsepower and torque. You can see the all-new interior here on this Limited model, featuring leather seats that are max recline, so you can fold them nearly flat, whether you're resting on a long day at work or just trying to catch a break.

You can see the all-new interior with the 12-inch center stack touch screen featuring SYNC 4, the customizable 12-inch digital instrument cluster that's available. And also an available head-up display, which can be customized to give the information that is most critical to the driver at that point in time, whether it's a towing off-road, regular daily driving, the driver can customize the information that they want to see at a quick glance so that they don't have to take their eyes on the road. And they can drive-- whether they're driving the truck unhitched or they're towing a gigantic RV through a mountain pass, they can keep their eyes on the road so they can drive with confidence.

Let's show you some cool features at the back of the truck. One of the design inspirations for this all-new truck was how do we make it easier for our customers to access the bed. Customers are constantly getting in and out, they're working with these vehicles, whether it's heavy-duty worksites or it's heavy-duty recreation with retail customers.

We've got new integrated side box steps that really make it easy for getting in and out of the bed. You no longer have to stretch, do the dance to hop on the wheel in order to get over. We have these integrated side box steps. We even have integrated rear corner bumper steps. So once again, it's a lot easier to get in and out of the bed, and there's handholds here in the top of the bed rail to really make it easy for getting in, getting what you need, with access. It's all about making life easier in and around the truck bed, making it easier to get the job done, get what you need, be more efficient. Some really cool new features with this tailgate.

If you're driving a current gen Super Duty, let's say you've got the tailgate down, you're driving in reverse, what do you see on the camera image on the center stack screen? You're looking at the ground. What good is that going to do?

So now with the all-new Super Duty, we have a power tailgate that has integrated rear sensors and an integrated camera on the top of the tailgate. The system knows when you're backing up with the tailgate down, it will change the image instead of looking at the ground, you're seeing what's behind you. These sensors take over to know your proximity to objects that may be behind you. So this is now the back of your truck, you've got sensors in the camera that know that's the back of your truck. It's all about making it easier, whether you're backing up to a loading dock, you're backing up to hook up your fifth wheel trailer, you can see what's behind you when the tailgate's down.

We have an improved retractable bed step that is-- it's three inches lower to the ground, so it makes getting in and out of the truck bed easier. And of course, can be stowed away when not in use. In the tailgate bed, you can see another feature that is going to be really important for our Heavy Duty rec and commercial customers. On the right-hand side of the bed here you see Pro Power Onboard, we're bringing that to Super Duty with the all-new 2023. The system will feature a 2 kilowatt Pro Power Onboard system that is enough power to power your air compressors, power your compound miter saws on the job site, whatever the customer needs, we've got a 2 kilowatt Pro Power Onboard system, which is four times the power available in any other heavy-duty truck, and we're really excited to bring that to market.

Another cool feature that we're really excited about for the all-new 2023 Super Duty is Onboard Scales with Smart Hitch. So what that does, first and foremost, we know our customers, they use our trucks day in and day out for towing, for hauling. We know towing is the number one use case for Super Duty customers. And so everything that goes into the design and engineering of this vehicle, it's how do we create a best-in-class towing experience for customers, because that's what they're using them for. It's part of our customer-centric design philosophy that we have.

So with Onboard Scales and Smart Hitch, the system has built-in scales to measure in real-time how much payload you have in the bed of your truck. So whether you're outside of the truck, you're loading objects into your bed of your trailer, lights on the tailgate will illuminate to indicate how close you are to your max payload. The system knows what the max payload rating is of your specific truck and it will factor that in and tell you how much payload you have in. So you can haul whatever it is you're hauling, construction materials, heavy-duty rec equipment, you can haul it with confidence.

Another element of the scales is Smart Hitch. And what that is, is it uses the same scales that Onboard Scales does but it measures trailer tongue weight. So you can make sure that you have your trailer properly loaded so that you can drive away with confidence, you're within the guidelines for safe trailer operation on the trailer tongue load rate. You can know with confidence without guessing that you have everything hooked up and balanced correctly.

So customers have three really cool ways to figure out how much weight is in the truck bed. They can view it from the lights, the indicators will proceed up as payload increases. They can also view it on the center stack touch screen. So within the SYNC system, you can see what your payload is. So let's say you're sitting in the cab while objects are loaded into the bed of your truck, you can see in real-time how much weight you have, or you can view it on your FordPass app. So customers have up to three ways that they can see how much weight they're hauling with onboard scales.

One of the features that we're really excited about the all-new Super Duty is a trailer 360-degree camera system. So one of the most popular features on the current Super Duty is the 360-degree camera system, which gives a bird's-eye view of the truck so that you know what's on each side, whether you're backing into a tight spot or navigating a crowded area.

This truck can come with an all-new trailer 360-degree camera system, which enables customers to mount four cameras to their trailer and give them a bird's-eye view of the trailer. It's a really cool feature that nobody else has, that traditional 360-degree bird's-eye view of the truck, you can now have that for the trailer. So no matter if you're trying to back into a tight campsite, you're no longer the entertainment for your neighboring campers trying to fit that big RV in, you can back that in with confidence knowing exactly where your surroundings are for your big RV trailer that you're towing.