Facebook has "no plans" to lift Trump ban

Sandberg, speaking during the Reuters Next conference, said she was "glad" that Facebook had taken the action, which came as tech giants scrambled to crack down on Trump's baseless claims about the U.S. presidential election amid riots in Washington D.C. last week.

"Our policies are applied to everyone," Sandberg said. "We have taken down things that Don [Trump] Jr. has said. We have taken down things from other world leaders, other people in public office, and those policies apply, the policies that you can't incite violence, you can't be part of inciting violence, you can't even support people who are supporting the call for violence like these groups we've talked about... we're taking [that] down. Those policies apply to everyone, and we'll take that stuff down as soon as we can find it."

Asked about the future for both herself and CEO Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook, Sandberg said both were staying.