The Exodus Road Trains Foreign Nationals for Sustainable Human Trafficking Intervention

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO / ACCESSWIRE / October 28, 2021 /The Exodus Road, a Colorado-based non-profit founded by Matt and Laura Parker, has been perfecting best practices, for a decade, in its mission to fight human trafficking.

"We began this work with this audacious belief that every day, ordinary people could actually step into this work -- despite the complexities and the dangers. And we knew that the most strategic way forward to impact change was to empower law enforcement to fight human trafficking crime in their own communities. We've now been joined by a global, generous community of people that are choosing to fight modern slavery, and we're seeing real freedom." -Matt Parker

Building Teams, Worldwide
The Exodus Road has dedicated, permanent teams and partners in Thailand, Latin America, India, The Philippines, Brazil, and the United States. The company believes that a sustainable and systematic approach, through the collaboration of multiple national and non-governmental organizations, is the only way to create lasting change and end human trafficking. They depend upon people's knowledge of their own laws and culture to be successful while operating in foreign countries. Of their dedicated team members globally, nearly 100% of staff are local nationals.

A Holistic Approach
The Exodus Road works in concert with national law enforcement and other anti-human trafficking organizations in several holistically strategic areas. They partner with law enforcement and empower local operatives to collect evidence that may lead to the rescue of victims and the arrest of traffickers.

The organization is also dedicated to the aftercare of rescued survivors. This includes Freedom Home, Thailand - a trauma-informed home and mentorship program for women who have been liberated from sex or labor trafficking. Freedom Home is entirely run by local social workers and staff. Their Beyond Rescue program also involves meeting survivors' survivors' needs globally on an individualized basis through a Survivor Fund, and is managed by national social workers.

The organization also invests in training. TraffickWatch Academy, Brazil is a specialized training program for Brazilian law enforcement. Partnering with human trafficking experts in Brazil, The Exodus Road hopes to make an immediate impact upon the problem of human trafficking. TraffickWatch Academy, US is a training program for citizens in the United States to recognize and fight trafficking in their own American communities.

Sustainable Change
By training, equipping, and employing foreign nationals to fight human trafficking in their own countries, The Exodus Road seeks to empower local communities and effect significant and long-lasting change.

" ...There are good law enforcement officers [and] social workers that are doing amazing work, and we at The Exodus Road want to be their champions and make them known for their excellent work…We're going to come and support the good men and women who are already doing it, because they are the future of that country. They're the future of making trafficking a dangerous thing to do, and they're our partners." - Matt Parker

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