Ex-Clermont police officer jailed for six months for stealing almost $50K in union funds

TAVARES – Former Clermont Police Officer Jeremy Kevitt has pleaded no contest to stealing nearly $50,000 in union funds in 2021 and has been sentenced to six months in jail.

“I didn’t steal money,” he said in a hearing before Circuit Judge Heidi Davis. “I’m remorseful because I let down my colleagues, my friends….”

Police Chief Charles Broadway saw it differently.

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“He betrayed the trust of not only the men and the women of the Clermont Police Department, but of law enforcement officers everywhere,” he said in press release issued Tuesday. “He took money his fellow officers entrusted in his care and spent it on personal expenses. His actions are not what the Clermont Police Department stands for nor will they be tolerated.”

A file photo of Clermont Police Chief Charles Broadway
A file photo of Clermont Police Chief Charles Broadway

This is the background of the case

Kevitt, 51, was a corporal and president of the Clermont Police Officers Union and managed its bank account.


The department became suspicious when it received an overdraft notice and discovered that Kevitt had used an ATM card without approval. Clermont Police asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate.

Funds estimated to total $47,000 were supposed to benefit officers and local charities, but investigators said he used the money at grocery and home improvement stores, gas stations, and for personal travel.

This is how the case was resolved

As part of a negotiated plea, prosecutors dropped organized fraud charges and stuck with the second-degree grand theft charge. A restitution arrangement will be made later.

A file photo of Circuit Judge Heidi Davis, who presided in this case.
A file photo of Circuit Judge Heidi Davis, who presided in this case.

Davis also imposed a 10-year probation term.

The department introduced Kevitt on Facebook as a school resource officer in 2018.

“SRO Jeremy Kevitt is a twenty-four-year veteran of police work," the post said. "His previous duties have included patrol, narcotics unit supervisor, and major crimes detective. He is a certified active shooter instructor, field training officer, and active supervisor.”

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