Dr. Yves Jean-Bart Hails Haitian Court Decision to Clear His Name Amid False Accusations

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Attacks Seen as Political Effort to Remove Jean-Bart from Haitian Football Federation

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Nov. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Yves Jean-Bart hails the Haitian judicial system’s decision fully clearing him of any wrongdoing, proving that the relentless attacks and false accusations against him are indeed just that: lies without merit. Dr. Jean-Bart appreciates the court’s deep investigation and the time and effort dedicated to uncovering the truth in this matter.

After months of false allegations, not one alleged victim came forward publicly nor was the judicial system able to find potential victims after contacting numerous organizations that have claimed to be helping them, including Human Rights Watch, Kay Fanm, Solidarite Fanm Ayisyèn (SOFA), Kri Fanm Ayiti (KRIFA) and Cabinet de Litige Stratégique des Droits Humains (CALSDH).

In addition, not one alleged victim came forward even though the Haitian judicial system insured the protection and safety of any alleged victims. The safety of potential witnesses and victims was guaranteed via the Office for the Protection of the Citizens (OPC), which is an independent institution that is responsible for guaranteeing the protection of any individual from abuses by the government. OPC’s sole mission is to ensure that the state honors its duty to respect the human rights of all individuals.

From the start, Dr. Jean-Bart has unequivocally and publicly denied the baseless allegations against him and requested that Haitian authorities launch an inquiry to prove that anonymous smears designed to tarnish his reputation have no truth. Today, this has been confirmed by the judicial authorities.

The false allegations against Dr. Jean-Bart are the most serious charges that anyone can make against a man. They were launched as a coordinated political attack seeking to destabilise the Federation and undermine Dr. Jean-Bart’s legacy.

It is clear that the goal of those spreading these heinous false rumors was to put immense pressure on FIFA to remove Dr. Jean-Bart. This travesty must not be allowed to stand.

Dr. Jean-Bart has been honored to serve Haitian Football for the past two decades, and is ready to continue serving. Despite numerous challenges and a lack of financial resources, Dr. Jean-Bart with his colleagues in the Haitian Football Federation led the development and success of a youth training program that has empowered Haiti’s girls and boys to compete at the highest levels of world football competition.

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