New Discovery+ Series Pig Royalty Is a "Texas-Sized Drama" About the Crazy World of Competitive Pig Showing

Two Yorkshire piglets (Sus sp.) in field
Two Yorkshire piglets (Sus sp.) in field

Andy Sacks / Getty Images

Brace yourself for a bundle of adorable animals, guys and gals. A new show is comin' to town, and it's practically got us oinking with glee: On Tuesday, March 23, Pig Royalty will premiere on the recently launched streaming platform, discovery+. The first two episodes will also air on the Discovery Channel starting on the same date.

The new royalty, ahem, reality show is set primarily in Helotes, Texas, about a half-hour outside of San Antonio, and takes viewers into the wonderful and strange world of pig show competitions, specifically zooming in on the rivalry between two families, the Baleros and the Rihns, who bring about as much Texas sass and drama as the pigs bring cuteness. As the Discovery press release sums up the spectacle:

Throughout the season, we’ll see each family practice with their prized pigs day and night in order to win the coveted ‘buckles,’ either for showmanship or breed champion, along with scholarships and hefty cash prizes. Audiences are introduced to a whole new universe of fierce pig show coaches and ‘pig parents,’ who live and breathe pig shows and watch over the next generation of competitors. We’ll meet matriarch Michelle Balero and her champion daughters McKayla, McKenzie, and McCall who train their cousin Taytain “The Nugget” Diaz (11) and have a reputation for drama and the buckles to back it up; The Rihn’s, headed up by matriarch Jodi who, along with her daughters Kammi and Keylie, is looking to make her son Kannen (12) a winner and has some scores to settle with The Baleros; and Jody Rihn’s friends the Tyks’, headed by mothers Mandy and Kristen, who are underdogs looking to get their son Brandon (16) back in the game.

Pigs, Texas, some good old-fashioned competition, what more could you want out of a reality show? We have a feeling this show is going to be our new favorite in our ever-growing collection of animal reality series.

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So go ahead and mark your calendars for March 23. We can't think of a better weeknight activity than stepping into this strange and fascinating pastime from afar. No pigpen-cleanup required!