Digital Reserve Currency (DRC) Will Become Fully Decentralized by the end of 2021

Digital Reserve Currency (DRC) is making important changes to become fully decentralized by the end of 2021.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 24, 2021 / Digital Reserve Currency (DRC) has captured a unique market niche in the Store of Value (SoV) segment of the crypto economy. DRC was designed with unique characteristics that differentiate it from other digital assets. Firstly, DRC token is fully developed and operational with 100% of the total DRC supply issued to the market. The issuance of new tokens or any other changes in the token structure are restricted by the DRC smart contract. The scarcity of DRC and the absence of the mint function are essential for protecting against the token value depreciation in the future.

Unlike many other crypto projects, DRC did not conduct a token sale and never received any funds from investors. This makes DRC potentially regulatory compliant with securities laws, subject to the changing regulatory environment. DRC network and governance structure are sufficiently decentralized. Therefore, DRC has potential to become one of the most compliant digital assets on the market, which is extremely important in the current regulatory environment.

DRC token has a unique use case because it provides a gateway to the Digital Reserve, a decentralized platform with well-balanced portfolios of the most efficient store of value assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the US Dollar. DRC holders can deposit DRC tokens to the Digital Reserve vaults, with the purpose of preserving or even increasing the value of their holdings. Digital Reserve is not a commercial project and does not collect fees from its users. It was created to help people to hedge inflation risks and preserve capital in the efficient and cost-effective manner.

The combination of strong fundamentals, robust tokenomics and unique value proposition indicates that DRC is here to stay. Importantly, DRC has been a community-driven ecosystem since its inception. DRC is not managed or controlled by anyone. Currently, no single wallet owns more than 2% of the total DRC supply. DRC token allocation is very well balanced and transparent.

The power of DRC is that no one can overtake, control, or change it. DRC smart contract has been successfully audited and cannot be altered. Digital Reserve platform is fully decentralized and works completely autonomously. Because of these unique characteristics, DRC can become one of the most decentralized and censorship resistant projects in the crypto space.

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