Dad accidentally shoots dead 11-year-old daughter on Thanksgiving hunting trip

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A father accidentally shot dead his 11-year-old daughter on a hunting trip over Thanksgiving weekend.

Daisy Grace Lynn George was killed by a bullet from her dad’s high-powered rifle on Saturday in Hallsville, Texas, according to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

First responders were dispatched to the scene after 911 callers reported that Daisy had been shot on accident by her dad, Travis George, KSLA reported.

Mr George used a siren to help medics find him after dispatchers struggled to get in touch with him due to a poor cell signal, Harrison County Sheriff BJ Fletcher said at a news conference on Monday.

Daisy was transported to Christus Good Shepherd Medical Center by ambulance after attempts to airlift her were thwarted by inclement weather. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Authorities said the shooting took place on a hunting lease near Young Road and Hickey road at around 5.15pm.

Mr George told investigators he remembered loading four cartridges in his rifle and then ejected two near his truck.

The rifle was on a seat in the vehicle when it went off, striking Daisy.

Sheriff Fletcher stressed the importance of gun safety during Monday’s news conference, saying of the case: “It’s very unfortunate the way it turned out and I hope we don’t see another one.”

Daisy’s peers at Hallsville Junior High School honoured her by wearing her favourite colour, purple, to class on Monday.

An investigation into the shooting by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is ongoing.

A GoFundMe campaign raising money to cover Daisy’s funeral costs has received more than $10,000 in donations.

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