These are the Costco Locations with the Worst Parking

There are days when Costco is an easy in-and-out trip. On those lucky shopping trips, you can wander the aisles without disruption as you use a few genius Costco hacks and score bargains.

But when Costco gets busy, parking can become a hassle. That is especially true at a handful of locations across the country.

FinanceBuzz surveyed more than 6,000 self-identified Costco shoppers and asked them to rate their local Costco location on a 1 to 10 scale in six different metrics. Responses were collected from May 11 to Sept. 12, 2022.

Here are a few stores with less-than-ideal parking situations, according to Costco shoppers themselves.

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1. West Henrico, Virginia

This Virginia location received 5.8 out of 10 for its parking situation. One reviewer stated the layout isn’t great in terms of the parking lot’s proximity to the store’s gas station.

Another reviewer also mentioned that long lines at the gas station can cause havoc for shoppers.

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2. Victorville, California

In Victorville, respondents rated the parking issues at a 5.8.

One reviewer gave the store itself high marks, but added the caveat that “parking is the only problem.”

3. St. Louis Park, Minnesota

The St. Louis Park Costco is another location where members gave the store’s parking lot a 5.8.

The store near Minneapolis has many reviewers crying foul over the lot, with one saying they sometimes spend more time outside trying to find a parking spot than actually shopping.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

The Las Vegas-Centennial location on North Decatur Boulevard earned a 5.8 for its parking situation.

One reviewer suggested you plan for an additional half-hour to find a parking spot before you shop.

5. Fort Myers, Florida

Florida’s Fort Myers location on Cypress Lake Drive earned a 5.7 ranking for its parking.

Several customers advised shoppers to beware of the lot, which can be small and overcrowded for shoppers.

6. Tucson, Arizona

Arizona’s East Tucson Marketplace Boulevard Costco location got a rating of 5.7 from members.

One reviewer cautioned that you may have to drive around a bit before you can find a spot.

7. Federal Way, Washington

The city of Federal Way has a Costco parking lot that earned just a 5.6 ranking.

The low ranking is something of a surprise, given that the retailer’s corporate headquarters are in nearby Issaquah.

8. Teterboro, New Jersey

Costco’s Teterboro location picked up a 5.6 rating for its parking situation.

Customers in the survey complained that the flow of cars in and out of the parking lot isn’t ideal, causing backups and issues with traffic.

9. Westbury, New York

The Costco in Westbury — located on New York’s Long Island — earned a 5.4 for its parking lot.

Customers said the parking lot can be a challenge — particularly during the holidays when Costco members are competing with shoppers at other retailers in the area.

10. Roseville, California

In Roseville, members gave their Costco parking lot a 5.3.

Some said the lot for the store is crowded and located too close to a busy intersection. One reviewer even called it “vicious.”

11. Staten Island, New York

This borough of New York City picked up a 5.1 ranking for its parking lot.

One reviewer complained that it took them 20 minutes to find a parking spot and almost the same amount of time to get out of the lot when they were done shopping.

12. Tukwila, Washington

Costco’s Tukwila location picked up a 5 for its parking lot.

The store — like the one in Federal Way, Washington — is near Costco’s corporate headquarters, which makes it a potentially surprising choice for parking issues.

13. Gaithersburg, Maryland

Maryland’s Gaithersburg residents gave their local Costco a lowly 4.9 for its parking lot.

One of the big issues at this location is that the parking garage doesn't have an elevator or other option for customers who are trying to get large carts to their cars.

14. San Bernardino, California

San Bernardino is the first of three California Costco locations that find themselves at the bottom of our rankings. This store earns just a 4.8 for its parking lot.

Customers complain about the difficulty of trying to get into the lot due to one-way streets in the area. Long lines at the gas station also block shoppers.

15. Temecula, California

Costco members in Temecula ranked the store’s parking lot at a 4.8.

Customers complain about a lack of parking, tight spots, and fighting with other customers for the few available spots during busy shopping times.

16. Redding, California

The store in Redding received the lowest score, coming in at 4.3.

One reviewer called the parking “abysmal'' and another noted the difficulty of getting in and out of the parking lot via one entrance and one exit.

Bottom line

Costco is a great place to shop if you’re trying to save money on groceries. Even when parking is a challenge, the hassle usually is worth it.

So, remember to check your wallet for the best credit card for shopping at Costco, and get to the warehouse club early to beat the crowds.

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