The Cost of Champagne in Every State

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Champagne is a popular beverage to serve during big celebrations, including New Year’s Eve. Good quality champagne can cost a pretty penny, though, easily costing over $100 for a single bottle.

To help families budget for their New Year’s festivities, FinanceBuzz collected the prices from liquor stores across the United States to find the average cost of a bottle of champagne in each state.

Key findings

  • On average, Americans can expect to pay $55.85 for a bottle of champagne this year.

  • At more than $67 for a bottle, Kansas, Idaho, and Alaska have the highest average prices in the country.

  • Texans can expect to pay just $43.88 on average for their champagne — the lowest rate in the nation.

How much will a bottle of champagne cost this year? Average costs by state

Illustration of the cost of champagne in every state
Illustration of the cost of champagne in every state

States where champagne is the most expensive this year

When it comes to champagne options, some states are more expensive than others. This may be due to shipping costs, distribution arrangements, or even state or local taxes.

The state where champagne is most expensive is Kansas, with a bottle costing nearly $73 on average.

Another Great Plains state, Nebraska, also lands in the top five with an average cost of $66.66.

StateCost for a bottle of champagne

Some surprises on this list include Alaska and Hawaii. While those states are both among the ten where champagne is most expensive, they are third and eighth, respectively.

These states have some of the highest cost of living rankings in the country. In that context, ranking anywhere other than the very top of the most-expensive-states list can be considered a win for revelers in America’s 49th and 50th states.

States where champagne is the least expensive this year

The two states where champagne is least expensive are also some of the most populated in the country.

Texas has the third-highest population of any state in America and also has the lowest average cost for a bottle of champagne at just $43.88.

Florida has the second-highest population in the country, and champagne costs $44.98 there, the second-lowest price in the country.

California has the highest population in the country and also lands in the top five when it comes to states where champagne is the least expensive, with a bottle costing $46.65.

StateCost for a bottle of champagne

Beyond those high-population states, three states located in the Midwest are among the ten where champagne is most affordable.

A bottle of bubbly will run you $46.65 on average in Wisconsin, the most affordable of those Midwest states. Michigan is within a dollar of that amount at $47.32, and Illinois charges $49.18 on average.

Tips for saving on your New Year’s Eve party

Even when living in one of the pricier states, there are still ways to budget champagne into your celebration. Some tips on how to save money when party planning:

  • Earn rewards at checkout. To get the most out of your trip to the store when stocking up for your party, use one of the best credit cards for buying groceries to get rewards on your purchases.

  • Save up to splurge. If you’re planning on ringing in the new year in style, use a budgeting app to set aside some funds.

  • Earn travel rewards to visit the Champagne region. Use one of the best travel credit cards and book a trip to the French region in the new year to enjoy an authentic glass.


To compile the data shown above, FinanceBuzz researchers recorded the price for a 750mL bottle of Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne in at least three wine, grocery, or liquor stores in each state.

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