A New Conservation Initiative is coming to Blockchain; Introducing: Black Rhino

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Black Rhino
Black Rhino

Black Rhino is a new conservation initiative seeking to bridge the gap and bring a sustainable approach to blockchain technology.

Toronto, May 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Black Rhino International Inc. (Black Rhino) a Toronto, Ontario, Canada based start-up is looking to change the narrative in the blockchain industry, bringing a sustainable approach to an unsustainable industry. Black Rhino’s focus is to bridge the gap between real-world wildlife conservation (species conservation, habitat and climate protection) and opportunities in blockchain technology.

Black Rhino will launch their genesis Non-fungible tokens (NFT) project coming in May 2022 called The “Early Adopters” Collection. For this collection, Black Rhino has partnered with Keep Nature Alive to support BioRescue in their mission to save the Northern White Rhino species from extinction. BioRescue is a scientific rescue programme to save the Northern White Rhino species from extinction. This unique project will feature computed tomography scans taken of real wildlife species at the endangered species medical research facility located in Berlin, Germany.

“We are really proud to work with Keep Nature Alive and the Conservation and Research Fund to support this wonderful mission of BioRescue, working to save the Northern White Rhino species. Today it may be the Northern White Rhino, but tomorrow it could be a number of other important species or habitats that we need to help. This is the first step towards looking at modern technologies,” says Brandon Samuel, co-founder of Black Rhino.

The Black Rhino Early Adopters NFT project will launch exclusively on the environmentally friendly proof-of-stake blockchain Solana. The collection will be certified as Carbon-Neutral thanks to Black Rhino’s relationship with Nori, a project focused on compensating CO2 emissions and verifying carbon-offsets in the blockchain industry.

Holders of Early Adopter NFTs will get early access to all future Black Rhino related projects including future NFT launches, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms, Partnership collaborations, Product launches and more. As well, all Early Adopter NFT holders will also be eligible to get exclusive access to real-world experiences at zoos, parks, and sanctuaries around the world.

This first collection will showcase the inner beauty of a vulnerable Tortoise species using computed tomography scans taken at the lab. “The first collection will give deep and impressive insights into a tortoise. Everybody knows what a tortoise looks like from the outside. But have you ever seen the beauty nature created inside of animals? In showing the public the inner beauty of animals our project can build an emotional relationship between NFT-collectors and species, leading to the protection of species and nature,” explains Steven Seet, an advising partner of Black Rhino and CEO of Keep Nature Alive, a consulting, communication and crowdfunding platform supporting conservation science projects.

The funds generated from the sale of ‘Early Adopters’ NFT project will go directly to support Keep Nature Alive and the BioRescue initiative, as well as also be used to grow the Black Rhino ecosystem roadmap and support future project launches to focus on sustainability in blockchain.

“The cryptocurrency market is currently valued at around $2 Trillion in market capitalization,” says Kaloyan Georgiev, fellow co-founder of Black Rhino. "I think this is a large opportunity to take advantage of the growing community and create chances using blockchain technology to invest into conservation and climate change efforts around the world. The global coronavirus pandemic has put a heavy financial burden on many species and nature conservation projects. Thus, it is important to create a quick financial balance with the support of international communities. A purchase of an Early Adopter NFT paves the way to reach that goal. We have the opportunity here in the emerging sector of blockchain technologies to do good and open the door for nature conservation organizations. It is of high importance to constantly improve the sustainability of the blockchain industry," says Georgiev.

NFTs are only the starting point for Black Rhino, on the road map of this fast-growing start- up is also a decentralized protocol which will enable everyday users to support conservation, habitat and climate using blockchain enabled tools in DeFi. Black Rhino will also provide non-profit organizations around the world access to blockchain powered tools and opportunities, such as cryptocurrencies, ledgers, and NFTs. Black Rhino’s goal is to flip the narrative on environmentalism in the blockchain industry, with a focus on providing a better experience for users.

More details including a launch date will be announced soon.

Announcements are expected soon on the following websites and media channels:

Website: https://www.blackrhino.life

Discord: https://discord.gg/b9J4VphGUZ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/blackrhinointl

Instagram: https://instagram.com/blackrhinointl

Telegram: https://t.me/BlackRhinoIntl

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/BlackRhinoIntl

Medium: https://medium.com/@blackrhinointl


Black Rhino International Inc.

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Kaloyan Georgiev

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Steven Seet

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Tel. +49 (0) 177 857 26 73 E-mail: info (at) keepnaturealive.de


https://www.blackrhino.life / www.biorescue.org / www.cr-fund.org / www.bc-consortium.org / www.nori.com/

https://keepnaturealive.de/ https://solana.com/

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