Confusion over coronavirus travel ban costs one American family almost $20,000

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    I guess I don't quite understand. Ann had her original return tickets, right? Then she went to the airport knowing she bought very expensive tickets under stress. She stood in line to be ticketed. Why didn't she cancel the expensive tickets when she got to the front of the line and take the original return flights.
    I must have missed something.
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    Serial poor decision making: 1) travelling out of the country after the pandemic had already started, 2) not listening or getting further info on the travel ban (it's nearly impossible to deny entry to a citizen), and 3) Airlines must allow cancellation and full refund within 24 hours of purchase of a ticket (even non-refundable). She's a government worker - that explains a lot about our government.
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    I wouldn't want to be traveling to another country at that point and time. It was starting to spread and I'm starting to not feel any sympathy for people that continued to travel and didn't want to cancel their trip. To be able to afford a trip to Paris and pay a hefty amount for new tickets means they have some knowledge, just not common sense.
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    The writer is not being detailed in her story. Our kid was in Paris at the same time studying abroad. The price of the tickets this writer is describing seems to be in business class. Our kid was not scheduled to come back until June, we rebooked the ticket right after Trump announced the ban. We had no choice but business class at $2300. The original ticket was in Premium economy. We called our kid at 2am Paris time Thursday before the ban, said pack up your dorm you are flying home Friday am. He got to the airport and said it was not busy and he got through the security and all in about 40 min. His flight was full but none of the hassles this writer or this lady describes. No long lines either at CDG or PHL where he landed on US Soil. So I am guessing either the lady in the story is not telling all the details or the writer is embellishing the story.... maybe that’s why her name is not being used.
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    I don’t believe that anyone who can pay $20k at the last minute needs the money. I remember years ago, o frequently bought plane tickets for my girlfriend (she was/is a Norwegian citizen. About $650 round trip in like 2002. When we were breaking up, I decided not to do it over the phone. I left work at 11am and went straight to JFK for a direct flight. The only luggage I had was my wallet. The immediate flight cost me $2500. Not $650. That’s the way it works. I didn’t complain about that - and I’m glad I went. It wasn’t a “pandemic,” but it felt to me like my world was falling apart. Getting to Norway was my only priority. And though I didn’t come home with the girl (it was easy and amicable to spend one last week together)...I certainly didn’t blame the airline bc they charged me $2500k at the counter. $3k per person seems less than inflation between 2007 and 2020.
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    I was out of the US when I got the news. As soon as it was announced, they said it did not apply to Americans, so this story as not correct or the media sources were wrong(not a surprise). Just because some people panicked and don't follow the news, that is their fault. If this person had registered with the US embassy, as is recommended, she would have gotten the correct information. The big problem is airlines cancelling all flights. I had a few friends who had to switch flights because of flights cancelled until April-May.
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    SSG Allen
    Somehow, I don't feel bad for her.....she made questionable decision making leaving the country during a time where the virus was working its way around the world and after the US had already closed down air traffic to the Far East. She then made the choice to not even safeguard against worldwide changing situations before leaving. She then chose to purchase a second set of tickets to return while panicked and then left France on the overpriced tickets she bought instead of staying there the few extra days, leaving on their original tickets and getting credit on Delta for what she spent her money on. And all the meanwhile, I'm sure that there were plenty of red flags mentioning to them that they might want to postpone their trip.....
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    "Anne has been offered a refund from Delta for their original flights, but not for the ones that cost almost $20,000. Delta has not responded to email and phone requests for comment on Anne’s case."

    You are lucky Delta even refunded the originals. Its not their fault you bought the expensive tickets.
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    Miss the good ol days
    I was overseas and running into the same issue, they were closing the airport in the country I was in. Called the carrier, they found availability for me within 36hrs didn't charge me a fee and actually gave me a total $97 credit. Worst part was the country I was in had 0 cases of the virus and finally had 1 on March 23rd. I am not sure she went about it the right way. Sorry for her but can't help her/Husband's lack of knowledge
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    I call bullshite! She panicked and acted on half information. She then went out and bought tickets to return immediately. EVERYONE knows if you buy tickets like that they are insanely expensive. Sorry Honey NO reason for Delta to refund your 20K. Next time have a little patience and get ALL your information THEN act. An expensive lesson and NOT DumpTrumps fault this time.