Comedian Matt Forde divides Twitter after telling parents not to bring babies to Fringe shows

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A comedian has sparked backlash on social media after telling parents not to bring babies to comedy shows.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday (16 August), Matt Forde – who currently has a show at Edinburgh Fringe – wrote: “Someone brought their baby to my show last night. Sadly it derailed large parts of it because they wouldn’t do the decent thing and just leave when it started crying.

“I get that it must be tough as a new parent but please, don’t bring babies to adult shows. It’s always a problem.”

The tweet has been liked over 18,600 times and received over 2,000 comments.


Forde quickly followed up the tweet, writing: “I realise this sounds a bit whiny but it’s just to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“It’s like someone’s phone continually ringing and them not turning it off. I’ve had so many messages from people who were there last night who were very polite about the fact it pissed them off.”


The tweet has divided Twitter users, with some criticising him for his remarks.

One user called Sarah wrote: “Good grief. Well if I ever planned to come to a show I certainly won’t be any more! What an attitude to have. As a parent of two, I’d be feeling sorry for the parent of the crying baby – it’s hard enough without this kind of attitude!”

Another user added: “As long as you realise this is incredibly sexist as young, breastfed babies can’t be left at home. I hope your T&Cs made it clear that no babies were allowed at your show and if so surely it is a problem for your door staff or are you happy to take peoples money then shame them?”

Others defended Forde, with one person writing: “As a parent of two I feel sympathy for the people who paid to enjoy a show and were unable to as someone thought their right to watch it with a crying baby was more important than everyone’s right to enjoy what they had paid for.”

A second person added: “It’s tough being a parent of infants, you don’t want to be isolated. Here is the thing – bring your baby, but you have to leave it if the baby starts to cry. That’s the deal.”

Forde later joked about the response, tweeting on Wednesday morning (17 August): “Morning everyone. Just catching up on Twitter, anything big happen on here yesterday?”