The Chainsmokers respond to pro-choice TikTok users embracing their hit song ‘Paris’

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The Chainsmokers have vowed to play their 2017 single “Paris” at every live concert after the song gained new popularity on TikTok as an anthem for pro-choice activists.

In the wake of the US Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade , many TikTok users have expressed their dismay online by using a clip from the song “Paris”. The featured lyrics include the line, “If we go down/Then we go down together.”

Earlier this week, The Chainsmokers posted their own video to TikTok expressing solidarity with the US pro-choice movement. The electronic duo join a growing number of celebrities to voice their support for abortion rights in America.

In the video, band member Andrew Taggart lip syncs the lyrics alongside an original video posted by a tearful TikTok user. "Do you think The Chainsmokers knew their little pop song about ‘Paris’ would be used to fight for reproductive rights?” the user wrote.

Taggart captioned his split-screen video with a direct response: “We did not see that coming but are glad that something we wrote is being used to support a cause we believe in."

The Chainsmokers later posted a follow-up featuring a clip from their show in Atlanta on 27 June. “This song has so much more meaning every time we perform it now,” they wrote alongside a video of the duo performing “Paris”.

“If we go down, then we go down together,” the post continued. “Last night in Atlanta and every night from now on.”