Capitol Watch: Tracking Key Legislation in Oklahoma’s 2022 Legislative Session

Oklahoma Watch
Oklahoma Watch
Trevor Brown
Trevor Brown

For better or worse, it’s here.

Today (Feb. 7) marks the start of Oklahoma’s 2022 legislative session.

That means after Gov. Kevin Stitt gives his fourth State of the State address, lawmakers will begin their work going through thousands of bills that are up for consideration this year.

After last month’s bill filling deadline, nearly 2,300 bills or resolutions were filed in advance of the session.

On top of that, there are nearly 2,500 carry-over legislative proposals from the 2021 session that are eligible to be heard this year.

Keeping track of what’s out there, what is still alive and where each legislation is headed next can be tough.

So here are a few tips to help track and monitor bills this year:

First, all bills can be found on the Oklahoma Legislature’s website.

You can search several different ways, including by bill number, author, status or subject (searching by subject, however, can be hit or miss depending on how the bills are sorted).

To find a master list of all bills eligible for the 2022 session, select “current status” on the left most column, check the “all types” box under the “current status” heading in the middle and then click “retrieve.” You can then search for keywords (using Control + Find) in the bill short title to find bills on topics you are interested in.

The Legislature has a personal bill tracking tool that allows you add bills and see where they are in the legislative process. I also recommend creating an Excel or Google Sheet list to keep track of the bills that are important to you.

I used these tips to build a table of election and voting-related bills that are up for consideration this year. You can read about those proposal and see the nearly 75 bill I’ll be tracking this year in my latest piece for Oklahoma Watch.

But what bills are you watching this year? Or do you have your own tips on how you identify or track legislation. Let me know by emailing me at or finding me on Twitter at @tbrownokc.

This article originally appeared on Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise: Capitol Watch: Tracking Key Legislation in Oklahoma’s 2022 Legislative Session