The most attractive employers in 2019, according to current college students

Jennifer Shanker
·Segment Producer

Today’s young professionals and recent graduates look for more than just ping pong tables and unlimited snacks when choosing where they will begin their career, according to Brand Management company Universum’s 2019 Most Attractive Employers list.

Universum surveyed 53,237 students from 218 universities across the U.S. To these students, “most attractive” is defined as a company offering “personal development, supportive leaders, financial security in the future, (a prospect of high future earnings), as well as a creative and dynamic work environment.”

Interns at JP Morgan. (Source: JP Morgan)
Interns at JP Morgan. (Source: JP Morgan)

And while it’s no surprise that tech companies continue to remain on this list year after year, big banks have been making an appearance towards the top more recently.

“After the financial crisis, students were not that interested in financial services and banks. Now, they’re coming back.” Jonna Sjovall, Managing Director of Universum Americas, told YFi AM. “They’re interested in understanding ‘What can I do there?’, because financial security and stability in the future is so important to Gen Z.”

Both J.P. Morgan (JPM) and Goldman Sachs (GS) made it in the top five of the list, and Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PwC, Morgan Stanley (MS), and Bank of America (BAC) made it in the top 20.

Universum’s 2019 Most Attractive Employers for Business. (Source: Universum)
Universum’s 2019 Most Attractive Employers for Business. (Source: Universum)

‘Facebook dropped on the business list quite significantly’

Big tech like Google (GOOG), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), and Netflix (NFLX) all made the list, but notably, Facebook (FB) did not.

“Facebook dropped on the business list quite significantly this year. The students know what’s going on in the world,” Sjovall noted. “They are really concerned with what’s happening in the world, where they want to go, what the ethical standards are of the company. Is this a place where I believe in the leader?”

In comparison, students have shown appreciation for Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk’s leadership style, with the company landing as number 12 on the list. “They [the students] really believe in his vision, still.”

Entertainment companies Netflix (NFLX) and Spotify (SPOT) moved up on the list this year, but the prevalence of financial firms prove that students most prefer to have the steady career trajectory that big banks offer.

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