Beanie Feldstein Will Star as Harriet the Spy in a New Animated Series

Claire Harmeyer
·1 min read

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin, Getty Images

We have another show to add to our watchlist! Apple just announced a new animated series of Harriet the Spy, and it stars none other than Miss Beanie Feldstein as the titular character. You might be thinking Feldstein is a little old to play a 6th grader, but it's animated, people, and the actress's voice holds all the innocence and sass of one Harriet M. Welsch.

The TV adaptation of the classic children's book by Louise Fitzhugh will also star Jane Lynch as Harriet's nanny, Ole Golly and Mean Girls' Lacey Chabert as popular girl Marion Hawthorne.

Just like in the book, Harriet the Spy will be set in 1960s New York City, where Harriet lives on the Upper East Side.

In case the book wasn't on regular rotation during your storytime as a kid, Harriet is an 11-year-old aspiring writer who is independent, curious, and adventurous. Harriet believes that in order to be a good writer, she must know everything, which is why she becomes a spy. That theory checks out, TBH.

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The story of Harriet the Spy has hit screens before—in 1996, Nickelodeon produced a film starring Michelle Trachtenberg as Harriet and Rosie O’Donnell as Ole Golly. If you haven't seen this, add it to your quarantine roster ASAP.

The adventures of Harriet the Spy are truly exciting, and if we know anything about Feldstein and Lynch, it's that they'll bring humor and heart to this newest adaptation. Apple hasn't released a timeline for the show yet, but we'll be the first to mark it in our calendars when it does.