Avatar: Kate Winslet reveals why she chose to work with James Cameron again after ‘tough’ Titanic shoot

Kate Winslet has revealed why she is starring in another James Cameron film – despite having previously voiced concerns about working again with the director.

Winslet, 47, starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster hit Titanic. She was 22 at the time of filming.

In interviews at the time, she said that Cameron had a “temper”, adding that “you’d have to pay me a lot of money to work with Jim again”.

Winslet, however, is due to star in Cameron’s much-anticipated Avatar sequel, titled Avatar: The Way of Water.

Speaking about why she chose to work with the director again despite these initial reservations, Winslet said that while making Titanic was “tough” she always regarded Cmaeron as a “genius”.


Winslet told The Telegraph that she was upset that her praise of the director was left out of interviews at the time.

Speaking about Avatar, she said: “I loved doing Avatar with Jim – he is much more calm now.

“In those days there was no space for him to say, ‘It might not work.’ He had to make it work. There were all those conversations about this huge film, Titanic. I can’t imagine the pressure. As we get older we learn how to say, ‘I made a mistake.’ We all get better at that, don’t we?”

 (Merie W Wallace/20th Century Fox/Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock)
(Merie W Wallace/20th Century Fox/Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock)

The first review of Avatar: The Way of Water has arrived courtesy of Guillermo del Toro who was permitted an advance screening of the film.

The Way of Water is the first of four planned Avatar sequels that Cameron will release every other year until 2028.

It will be released in cinemas – in 3D – on 16 December.