Amazon Fresh is beating Walmart and Kroger on grocery prices

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    I just did a price comparison using the items that were on my Walmart grocery pickup order from this past weekend, and if I had bought the same items from amazon, I would've spent about $25 more than I did at Walmart, and that's with a prime subscription.
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    Amazon got caught shipping exoired fiod. Not a little, it was a tremendous amount. Will NEVER order FOOD from Amazon.
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    And if you need something for tonight's dinner that is in 3 hours--what is the value to have a physical store near? How much is that worth to you?
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    Amazon is OCCASIONALLY cheaper than other stores...and they don't seem to have the same items with any degree of regularity. I use them a lot to get things because I'm disabled and can't get out much, but there's no way I'm paying $25 for a 24 pack of Diet Coke...
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    Benjamin Franklin
    I like leaving the house and seeing things. I prefer brick stores.
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    wal-mart is cutting back on stock and deleting items i use going to do shopping else where
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    David S
    Eh...I buy at Publix. The Publix "Buy One Get One" offers determine what I eat that week. Shopping like that has saved me a ton and their people are always so nice. They might be higher on non-sale items but if you buy save.
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    No thanks. I prefer to hand-pick my own groceries in-person. Same with buying clothes & other products.
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    Amazon should just stick to what they were doing and leave grocery sales to grocery stores. This is really against the spirit of good competition and giant monopolies should be broken up. It isn't just FB regulators need to look into.
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    People are messed up!
    I like to actually purchase my own food, and I'm not too lazy to go to the store. Takes about 10-15 minutes on my way home.