Activists Hang Nooses in Beirut Square, Blame Politicians for Deadly Blast

Activists hung nooses in Beirut’s Martyrs’ Square on Saturday, August 8, for politicians they accused of negligence and corruption and who they blamed for a deadly blast in the city on Tuesday, according to reports.

The symbolic act took place as thousands of protesters gathered near Lebanon’s national parliament, where they were met with tear gas and rubber bullets, Al Jazeera reported.

Demonstrators chanted for the “fall of the regime,” accusing the government of being responsible for deaths caused by the explosion.

At least 175 people were treated for injuries during protests on August 8, including 63 who were taken to hospital, the Lebanese Red Cross reported.

Human Rights Watch accused the Lebanese government of inaction in the aftermath of the tragic explosion, which had resulted in 157 reported deaths at the time of the protests.

The organization called on European Council President, Charles Michel, who was meeting Lebanese government leaders on Saturday, to push for an independent investigation into the incident. Amnesty International has also called for an independent probe into the blast. Credit: @Aamieh17oct via Storyful