300,000 Are Dead and This Fox News Host Still Thinks Masks Are a ‘Virtue Signal’

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Fox News
Fox News

Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Will Cain claimed on Thursday that mask-wearing isn't about protecting against the coronavirus as much as it's used by “elites” as a way to “virtue signal” to show they are “smarter than you.”

A day after the United States set another grisly daily record in coronavirus deaths with more than 3,600—bringing the stateside tally to 308,000—Cain appeared on America’s Newsroom to instead discuss the Democratic Rhode Island governor recently being spotted sipping wine briefly without her mask on at a “sip and see” party.

After anchor Sandra Smith noted that Gov. Gina Raimondo was observed wearing her mask while speaking to restaurant staff, she went on to ask Cain if this was “just another case of hypocrisy of some of those politicians who are pushing rules that they themselves are not willing to follow?”

Cain agreed that this was hypocritical but added that it was “deeper than that,” insisting that this was something that “won’t go away” after the pandemic is finally over.

“What we’re dealing with is elitism,” he huffed. “I think elitism is the through-line to everything we’re dealing with in America now. If you think about why it’s happening, it’s not that these governors and mayors and political figures don’t believe in their own rules, they just don’t think they apply to them. The rules are for the little people that they rule.”

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“How do people treat masks?” Cain further grumbled. “They don’t treat so much as a protective mechanism. They treat it as a virtue signal that they’re better, more scientific-minded, smarter than you. This is running rampant, and it really is the dividing line in our society now—the elites versus everyone else they view as the little people.”

Smith indicated at that moment that Cain’s signal had dropped and that she apparently couldn’t hear or see him.

“Well, I will have to leave it there. I seem to have lost you,” Smith said as Cain remained on-screen. “But it was good to have you and find you here on America’s Newsroom. I hope you can hear me. I’ll leave it there and we’ll see you on Fox & Friends Weekend.”

This isn’t the first time that Cain has altogether dismissed face masks, even though public-health experts have said that wearing masks greatly reduces the possibility of infection and helps stem the spread of the virus. After Dr. Deborah Birx recommended mask-wearing at home if people feel they may have been exposed outside, Cain said last month that he’s “not ready to start wearing a mask around my family” because he’s holding onto his “individual spirit.”

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