11-year-old girl starts a nail art subscription box at home

Bailee Knighten was always enterprising. When she was 6 years old she asked her mother for a nail stand. Instead of selling lemonade, she would give little girls manicures for $5. These were the early seeds of Bailee’s Nail Box, a nail art subscription box for girls aged 5 to 10.

But things really got started when the family packed up and moved from Georgia to Florida. It started to be too hot outside for Bailee’s nail stand.

“We didn’t know anyone besides my husband’s family,” Bailee’s mother Bernetta Knighten told In The Know. “I still wanted her to keep her entrepreneurial spirit. I came up with Bailee’s Nail Box and I talked to her about it. That way she can still create designs. Little girls can still have their nails done. But now we can sell all over the world.”


Each nail box includes a set of nail polishes, nail stickers, design instructions, accessories and other fun goodies. Bailee credits her business-minded mother, founder of Bernetta Style, as her inspiration for starting the company.

“I get inspiration from our everyday life,” Bailee, now 11 years old, told In The Know. “Some of our boxes are ladybugs, pineapples — it’s from the everyday life. There’s ladybugs outside, there’s fruit everywhere. I get the inspiration from everywhere I go.”

Some of Bailee’s other box themes are Unicorns, Emojis, and Slime. Every box is packed at the family’s home.

“The message to young girls that I have is, don’t stop,” Bailee told In The Know. “Keep trying no matter what. There’s always something that you can do better and if you love what you do, you’ll never stop.”

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