Britney Spears doppelgänger turns heads

Allegra “Pi” DuVal has the covetable job of impersonating Britney Spears. The long time dancer recreates looks and routines from the “Slave 4 U” singer’s plethora of iconic outfits.

But DuVal really flexes her uncanny cosplaying skills in the TikTok video captioned “Choose Your Britney.”

In it, DuVal transforms into Spears from different eras in her career. She uses the “Super Smash Bros Melee Remix” by Jim Walter to make it feel like you’re choosing a Britney avatar before starting a video game.


The first is flight attendant Britney from the “Toxic” music video, armed with a complimentary beverage. Next, it’s “Baby One More Time” Britney, where DuVal sports the controversial, exposed midriff schoolgirl uniform. Her weapon of choice? A notebook and a pen.

Then it’s “Oops… I Did it Again” Britney. She rocks the pop singer’s signature shiny, red jumpsuit and can harness the power of fire. Finally, it’s another “Toxic” rendition of Britney. But this version is wearing the music video’s diamond-covered bodysuit. And her weapon of choice is, you guessed it, diamonds.

DuVal’s video garnered over 725,000 views. People could not unsee the uncanny similarities.

“I actually thought this was Britney and I was confused, you are killing it,” one TikTok user wrote.

“Jeez, I thought I was looking directly at Britney. These are amazing,” another said.

“This looks more like Britney than Britney looks like Britney,” one person commented.

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