100 Heroic Teachers Win TutorCams

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We call them our "One Hundred Heroes"

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- They are 100 amazing teachers nominated by students, parents, colleagues and loved ones who will receive a TutorCam Go to connect with students during their remote classes.

Our "One Hundred Heroes" campaign winners teach special education, math, English, art, music, culinary arts and science.

One is a speech pathologist teaching intellectually disabled students, some specialize in helping students with dyslexia while others are Kumon tutors.

"Teachers have always been amazing but have become superheroes teaching online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic," TutorCam inventor, Brandon Kennington, said.

Brandon announced last month he would give 100 TutorCam Go devices to teachers struggling with technology, financial or other constraints during the pandemic.

The Purdue University mechanical engineering graduate was inspired to create the TutorCam after teaching online math classes at his kids' Los Angeles school in the early days of the pandemic.

He could not show the students the pencil and paper he used to solve problems.

TutorCams are document camera stands allowing teachers and students with a tablet or smartphone to provide a camera view of their workbooks during virtual lessons.

NBC's Today Show described TutorCams as a "must-have".

Here are some of our "One Hundred Heroes":


Cathy, a speech pathologist educator in Virginia, was nominated by her student Joel. Joel has an intellectual disability. Their sessions were face-to-face, but the pandemic forced them to go remote.

"The TutorCam is very helpful for speech therapy treatment that involves using an augmentative/alternative communication device or speech generating application on an iPad," Cathy said.


Rochelle is a math teacher in a "high poverty" area of Detroit. "In mathematics a teacher has to be able to see their student's thinking," Rochelle said. "COVID has added yet another barrier to equitable education for our students. I believe TutorCam can help bridge the learning gap."


Kathy, a reading interventionist in Texas, is described as a "superhero" for the way she teaches remote classes, tutors after school and buys school supplies for students out of her own pocket.

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